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The Power We Have - Acts 1:8


Acts 1:8 says, “but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth."


In the early 1700s, Francis Hauksbee invented a machine where his hand glowed blue on a rotating glass bottle.  His work involved the movement of electrons in particular their attraction and repulsion.  Many did not understand what he discover would later revolutionize life around the globe.  And while they did not understand this phenomenon, a two groups became interested.  The first group was a group of magicians or illusionists who wanted to use this new discovery to make shows better by creating hands or rods that could pick up gold leaves or feathers from the ground and creating a glow around the heads of people sitting down.  This particular group of magicians who specialized in the use of electron movement were called electricians merging the words electrons and magician.  But they did not fully comprehend the power they were utilizing.  The second group began to do more extensive research and their work revolutionized life as we know it from power, lighting, communications and motors to name a few.


Similarly, God has given us as believers incredible power through the person of the Holy Spirit.  What I find interesting, this incredible power is not understood by many believers and is ignored.  There are others however find the power of the Holy Spirit intriguing and try to use it for entertainment or personal gain.  The Holy Spirit is not a genie in a bottle or is something for personal gain.  But I am afraid many limit the power that is available to them through the Holy Spirit.  They are content at living with little bits of energy.  This is sad because God has so much more for us.  The final group wants to discover all that is available to them.  Unlike the group in the 1700s, we don’t have to research it, it is already there and is available to all of us.  When we fully realize the extent of the power available it will change us completely.


Interestingly, the definition of power itself is that of a force.  In advance science, there are two forms of power – real and imaginary.  Real power can be measured and seen.  The imaginary is determined by other factors based on what is seen.  In the spiritual world, we realize there are some aspects that are seen but others are not.  There is an element of mystery to the Holy Spirit not fully understood by human logic.  But the force is nonetheless real.  The source of our power is that of the Holy Spirit and until I am fully connected to Him and his strength, I will never live up to my potential.  I must fully rely and trust in the Holy Spirit for God to use me.


Dear God, help me to live under the complete power available to me as I abide in the Holy Spirit.  Thank You for the Holy Spirit and the work He does in me and through me.  Now let’s go lived the transformed life in the power available to us all.



Sermon from  Church of the Heights in Palatka, FL from Acts 12 on Praying like the Church in Acts: (Thank you to my friend Josh Hobbs for allowing me to speak)

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